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Auto Liability Insurance

You'll have several sets of car insurance and auto insurance limits, with optional split limits to choose from.

Auto Collision Insurance

You're covered for colliding with any object. You have several auto insurance deductibles to choose from.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

You can choose to be covered for auto glass, auto theft, water damage, hitting birds and animals, vandalism, fire, hail damage, falling objects, etc.

Auto Accident Forgiveness

You won't get any insurance rate increase for the first at-fault auto accident in a 3 year period.

PIP - Personal Injury Protection Insurance

PIP / Personal Injury Protection medical coverage with coverage limits of of $2500-$5000-$10,000 per person.

Add Uninsured Motorist to Your Auto Insurance

Your optional Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist protection helps if you're ever hit by someone with no car / auto insurance or without enough insurance to pay for your damages.

auto car insurance

Auto Rental Reimbursement

This is an optional coverage in your auto insurance coverage which pays up to your selected limit for rental car expense for up to 30 days while your car is being repaired after an accident.

New Car Replacement

The New Car Pledge is available the 1st 30 days after you buy and insure new, un-used vehicles. If you suffer a total loss within the 1st 2 years or 24k miles, we'll pay replacement cost with no depreciation.

Auto Roadside Assistance and Towing

This insurance is optional. You're covered for towing, and for roadside assistance if you have a flat, run out of gas, lock your keys in your car etc.

Loss of Use Coverage

You get a flexible cash option to be used for rental cars, deductibles, out of service or a lump sum in case of total loss.