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Vacant House & Landlords Rental Property Insurance

Insurance coverage for Rental Properties

Specialized insurance for all types of vacant and landlord rental properties

We even insure vacation and short-term rentals!
landlord vacant rental property insurance

Vacant Property Insurance coverage

Your vacant property insurance is a "Named Peril" policy which includes many common perils such as fire, explosion, lightning, windstorm, hail damage and more. It's specifically designed for the unique needs of vacant properties. Your insurance also includes a full 12-month policy with pro rata cancellation, agreed loss settlement, and coverage options including liability, personal property, vandalism and malicious mischief.

Landlord & Rental Coverage

Most rental properties are insured on a TDP1 policy. TDP1 polices have named peril coverage or actual cash value loss settlement. Qualifying houses may be eligible for additional coverage.

Fully Customizable with Insurance Discounts

Our landlord insurance policies offer customizable coverages and a full complement of discounts for your rental properties. Having a superior credit profile, insuring multiple properties with us, screening potential tenants and bundling your policies are just some of the things that can save you money.

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