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Permanent, Whole, Universal and Term Life Insurance

Permanent, Whole, Universal or Term Life Insurance

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What is Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent Life Insurance provides benefits while you're alive. Permanent life insurance premiums may build tax-free value, meaning the cash accumulated may help you pay your premiums in the future, you can borrow against it, or if you cancel you receive the cash value. It is excellent for long-term needs like income for a spouse, an inheritance for children or end-of-life expenses.

What are Whole and Universal Life?

Whole life Insurance has fixed premiums and a guaranteed cash value. Universal Life Insurance has flexible premiums and benefits. Both are popular types of Permanent Life Insurance.

What is Term Life Insurance?

Term life Insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time and offers the greatest amount of coverage at the cheapest cost. Your premiums stay the same for the length of the term you select: either 10, 20, or 30 years.

Plan a Secure Future for your Family

Get the right life insurance for you. Wherever you are in your life, be it single, a single parent, married, married with children, an empty nester, a retiree, or a business owner, protecting your loved ones is paramount. Many people find a combination of Term and Permanent life insurance is the best coverage option. Please contact us for a personalized insurance plan especially for you! 903.581.7009