Motorcycle / low-speed vehicle / Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Your Insurance Coverage for Everything on Wheels

Insurance for all types of Motorcycles and Off-Road Vehicles

Get insurance coverage for two-wheel motorcycles including cruisers, touring bikes, sports bikes, custom cycles, classic motorcycles.

Get insurance coverage for approved three-wheel motorcyles including Piaggio MP3, Can-Am Spyder, and trike conversions.

Get insurance coverage for a wide range of popular off-road vehicles including regular, sport and utility ATVs, dirt bikes, off-road motorcycles, standard and high performance snowmobiles, and dune buggies.

Get insurance for low speed vehicles including golf carts, two and three-wheel scooters and mopeds, and neighborhood electrical vehicles
motorcycle and off-road insurance

Collision Coverage

Covers you if you hit another vehicle or most objects, regardless of fault.

Apparel Coverage

With Collision Coverage, your helmets and safety apparel are insured.

Liability Coverage

You're insured for third-party injury and property damage you cause in an accident involving the covered vehicle.

Medical Payments

Covering you for injuries incurred as a result of an accident.

Annual Insurance Polices

You can get annual insurance policies with flexible payment options.

Optional Equipment Coverage

This includes most motorcycle add-ons and accessories, or transport trailers.